TarotSeek™ – Read Tarot Cards For Yourself, Volume 1

Learn how to do objective and unbiased self-tarot readings. Online support included.

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by Psychic Jucy


A ‘must buy’ for tarot readers who want to read their own cards!!

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This guide covers a special topic in tarot.

TarotSeekâ„¢ is a physically different way of reading tarot cards for the 21st Century.

If you seek a radical, innovative, and instantaneously successful approach to self-tarot reading, whether you are a novice or a professional, this book is for you.

Ever wanted to read tarot for yourself but were too emotional, close to the subject, or unclear? There was a time when it was impossible to do self-tarot readings accurately but that time is no longer!

By learning how to use this practical, simple and simply explained self-tarot reading method, you will gain many of the following benefits:

* Objective & unbiased self-tarot readings
* No memorization of cards or layouts
* Read the cards immediately and accurately
* Step-by-step straightforward and useful instructions
* Learn the simple and bare essentials of tarot

* Improve your connection to any tarot deck
* Experience new tarot tricks or reinforce old ones
* Inspired thought, unrelated to the guide
* On-line support, coaching, and feedback

This self tarot card reading system was created by a certified professional tarot reader and tarot teacher. TarotSeek is meant to be practiced and not just ‘read about’. However, this eBook is a time-saving, memorable, and quicker read

Get a copy, try some self-readings, and join various TarotSeek communities on Facebook, Twitter, and this website to get input from other TarotSeek Readers. And remember to share the love of TarotSeek!

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This is what a recent reviewer said: The TarotSeek method delivers it’s promise to be a unique, new way of reading the cards for yourself. I’m looking forward to playing around with this technique and seeing how it can expand my style and knowledge of both myself and the cards.

CONSIDER sending constructive criticism if you don’t like the book or leaving a review, if you do.


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Providing unique and revolutionary thoughts and ideas, that you can profit from, is my mission. Therefore it’s important that the conditions to the right are agreed to before download so I can continue to do this great work…

Psychic Jucy's TarotSeek: Learn How to Read Tarot Cards For YourselfConditions

I agree to:

• Give credit where credit is due.

Inspired? ©redit.

o I have learned the Tarotseek method and Solo approach from Abella (aka Psychic Jucy) and Ryan
Arthur. If given the opportunity, I will let people know.

• Not share, photocopy, or distribute.

o I will not photocopy, distribute, or share this method or approach with anyone else without written permission.

• Not to teach the Tarotseek method.

o I have agreed not to teach the Tarotseek method and/or Solo Approach. Certification is available to me if I want to teach this method.


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Be Your Own Psychic

Breakthrough Tarot Reading Method

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