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This e-book contains a deliciously simple and inspired technique for reading tarot. Despite the level of reading skill you feel you have with the cards, this method will work for you. From beginner to advanced, everyone can experience the surprise and wonder of a TarotSeek session.

It is so difficult to do self-readings because of our personal involvement and investment in the outcome. This method creates a veil between reader and question, so that an objective air is created. The reader is able to objectively answer their own questions without bias to the question.

I have to admit, the first TarotSeek reading I did was so profound that it left me shaking because of its accuracy. You can take this method as far as you want, and I can even see some creative writing questions fitting into the method for those who enjoy writing with tarot prompts.

Fun, simple, and anyone can do it. All you need is a deck of cards and a few items that every household has.

Donnaleigh of Beyond Worlds

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