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Psychic Jucy’s TarotSeek, Read Tarot Cards For Yourself, Volume 1 is not normally used for readings for other people but it does work and some professional readers can incorporate it into their own regular reading style.  The other thing about TarotSeek is that it trains a reader to analyze and look for clues and insights on-the-spot using the included Tarot Prompts.

The following questions are from different querants or seekers.  I asked if anyone wanted a free reading and these are some of the questions I received below.


This is the first time I’m sharing a TarotSeek audio recording with the general public.  When I do readings this way, I get into the psychic zone or meditative head-space, for the most part. Because I was a little self-conscious here, I can hear my consciousness come through at times and a couple of the questions made me uncomfortable but that’s the hazard of the trade sometimes.

The questions were not read in order.  The questions were responded to in this order:  3, 1, 2, and 4 so you may want to play-back the recordings of this session in that order.  However, I have listed the questions below in numeric order, as labeled.

Question #1

3 of Wands

Question: How is T.R. going to get on with the four courses she’s doing at the minute?

Response: Press the play button ► [ti_audio media=”280″ autoresume=”1″]

Analysis: In addition to what I said in the audio… This card also often has to do with entrepreneurship, passion, and interest. One of the courses may be something that T.R. is interested in dropping in lieu for another one or just dropping entirely (if they can’t find something better to replace it) that seems more promising or helpful. T.R. is not completely sure of where these courses are going to take them but what I’m getting is that what they have done so far with the courses has given or will give them a necessary and helpful foundation. These courses are likely related to T.R.’s career interests (as stated in the audio!!). T.R. will gain a sense of contentment and peace in what they are doing very soon.

Advice, Action, or Suggestion: Keep contemplating your next move but know that whatever happens will be for your highest good. Have faith!

Question #2

Ace of Pentacles

Question: If A.C. graduates from their massage therapy course, what type of success can they expect?

Response: Press the play button ► [ti_audio media=”281″ autoresume=”1″]

Analysis: In addition to the audio… Material success is likely yours as well as others considering that you are talented and know what you are doing as a massage therapist.  I sense you are likely to get quite a number of regular and devoted clients. There’s a possibility that this card might be suggesting you work with the school where you are doing your course upon graduation rather than venturing out on your own or with another organization.

Advice, Action, or Suggestion: What decision or further steps do you need to make to gain the type of success sought? (see comment / testimonial / feedback regarding this question / response)

Question #3

5 of Swords

Question: What can E.O. do to keep their baby and live the life they want?

Response: Press the play button ► [ti_audio media=”282″ autoresume=”1″]

Analysis: Towards the end, I got the feeling this was the “baby” question. Normally I wouldn’t do a baby, pregnancy, or health type reading but I re-phrased it (with E.O.’s permission) in a way that I thought would be open-ended and steered clear of me making a decision for her.

But I don’t think I will do this type of reading again (or if I do, the querant must be present), even though it’s answering a question that helps the querant do what they want to do, because it can give reason for the querant to go in another direction if the answer isn’t what they want to hear.  I just didn’t feel comfortable with the reading (and you might sense that towards the end when I’m feeling out of sorts) and I want to feel good in my work as much as I want to help others.

Okay, to begin…

My response can be taken in two different ways: What I have to say can apply to E.O. or someone connected to E.O.  I’ll leave this up to E.O. to interpret and decide.

My response suggests to me some sort of manipulation or winning a mental argument to get the life they want or there is something wrong with the question.  It may not be exactly truthful.  In tarot or TarotSeek, the question is just as important as the reading.  E.O. might feel that she has to play games to get the life she wants or that others are playing games with her and detracting her from a beautiful life. But either way, this manipulation or plan is likely to back-fire. E.O. might think she needs a certain amount of money or resources to get to where she wants to go.  

The number five indicates change, loss, conflict, difficulty.  Swords, to me, is related to the mind and mental considerations and I often see the suit of swords as a psychological suit.  So, we have mental change, communicating loss, conflict of mental wills, etc..

Advice, Action, or Suggestion: The suggestion given is to leave the past in the past.  Don’t go back there to try to change things around to your favour. Look towards the future, a new future.  Perhaps the suggestion here is to not care what someone else wants or that you will disregard what someone else wants. There will be no real winners here even though one might think they have won.  In fact, I see it’s only a temporary win.

UPDATE: The querant has just advised me that they are no longer pregnant!  I was advised this on the day of the reading (after I had read) so it might be a reason why I was feeling uncomfortable and that the question was faulty in some way.

More on answering baby questions. I don’t think it’s just the decision element.  The possibility I could be making such a serious decision for the seeker without knowing I am.  I think it’s the nature of health / body questions, in general.  There’s often something already determined about it.  Too late.  It’s not really asking about the future when someone asks about a baby.  They usually are or think they are pregnant.  And I think the BIGGEST thing is that it’s a life and death type question where the outcome and actions taken will likely to be lasting and deep.  I think that’s what gets me uncomfortable. Also, where the results could lead and meander into (upon further reflection with the seeker) could become a legal matter. It’s just really dicey territory.

Question #4

The Moon

Question: What will the outcome be if C.G. redirects their career in a new direction?

Response: Press the play button ► [ti_audio media=”283″ autoresume=”1″]

Analysis: I was a little uneasy answering this question. C.G. may have a sense of confusion or illusion or just a dream (with no realistic career plan) around this new direction OR that the new career direction is one that is Neptunian — psychic, magical, or artistic — maybe even something to do with healing or long-term health care / drugs.  I was just so fixated on the astrology of this card at the get-go. There’s a possibility that someone in C.G.s life (a Mother figure?) is not in agreement or supportive with a career change and is giving her a hard time. C.G. will know how things will go with her redirection in the next 30 days or so.  I get a sense that C.G. wants to do something that is an extreme departure than what she has done in the past and that is not traditional.

Advice, Action, or Suggestion: Be clear on your new direction.  Know what is ahead of you. Who your detractors will be and how you will overcome them. The outcome depends solely on whether you are able to ride this new career direction on your own (independent of anyone else’s support) and that you get clear on what your true opportunities will be in the end, rather than what you dream of what you want to have happen.  Look up the planet Neptune and the sign, Pisces to gain a deeper understanding of the outcome of your question.

NOTES: It’s better to use TarotSeek: Volume 1 (read for yourself) techniques on yourself as you can elaborate on what the responses mean.  If I haven’t provided enough detail here for you, gaze upon the card to gain further insights, or look up this card on the Internet for further clues and relate it back to the question.  Most importantly, know that what I said was objective as I didn’t know the question being answered.

You may also find it useful to read or re-read the paper only TarotSeek technique to get further advice on how to perform stellar TarotSeek readings.

If you like what you heard or read, purchase the TarotSeek book and start using this method straight away, let your friends and/or family know about this objective self-tarot reading technique; tweet, like or share; follow TarotSeek on twitter and like the Facebook book page; or get a TarotSeek / Coaching session. 🙂 And leave a comment or testimonial, especially if this was your question that I answered.

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    One Response to Abella Answers Various Questions from Readers with the TarotSeek Method (Audio technique)

    1. A testimonial for one of the questions:

      Oh Abella – you are amazing! This is the best reading and it is completely what I needed to hear. I just got out of school, but as soon as I’m able to afford it, I will be broadening my spectrum of techniques and modalities. Until then I am learning a thing or two at my new place of work – things that I never would have learned at school. This I feel is the course that I am learning at the moment – I also see that knowing these parts of my trade will lead me to bigger and better things – possibly to teach others. I am very content where I am right now, I haven’t been like this ever in my life. ever…. Thank you kindly Abella – you are very good and I really enjoyed the recording – it makes the reading more personal and I ♥ that! Best wishes and kind thoughts – ♥ Amber Leigh

      An explanatory note on A.C.’s question that I responded to.

      Amber asked:
      “I was hoping to have a reading. Just about to start a new career in massage therapy, my question : when do I become a success?”

      I don’t like asking ‘when’ questions when that’s the only question on the table. It’s not very empowering, is fatalistic, and supposes there’s nothing the seeker can do to cause a better outcome. Tarot is very much free-will based, in my opinion.

      I must have been in a hurry or had someone else’s question on my mind, when I rephrased hers…
      “If I graduate from my massage therapy course, what type of success can I expect? This, by the way, is not phrased to get a perfect answer but it’s a start”

      Well, it definitely *wasn’t* the perfect phrasing… she already graduated!! Gah!
      This is the the reason why seeker’s are best to create and re-phrase their own questions.

      So when I said “There’s a possibility that this card might be suggesting you work with the school where you are doing your course upon graduation rather than venturing out on your own or with another organization.” It just meant, “Stay put wherever you are now.” And this is EXACTLY what she is doing. 🙂

      I’m glad Amber Leigh is content where she is. Because I was getting the grass isn’t greener on the other side. She has her beautiful garden where she is now. Being content where she is, when she has a go-getting personality is a sweet LIVING DREAM… 🙂 and I can see teacher talent as well. Nothing can stop her.

      How we phrase our questions is EXTREMELY important.

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