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Question format for sharing TarotSeek sessions

[date] – [card name]
Question: [what was your question?]
Response: [what did you say about the card you got?]
Analysis: [what does this mean to you once you saw what you were answering?]
Advice, Action, or Suggestion: [what is the outcome?]

The last three questions are posted in the .pdf which are to be saved along with your session papers. I have wrote far more in answering the Analysis and Advice questions because I’m doing it in a journal rather than on the pieces of paper. I would probably write a lot less on paper. And that’s probably why I like the audio recording sessions best.

September 4, 2011

Question 1 of 4


Question: [I decided to further explore what an Art career would look like based on what I wrote about in this TarotSeek session] What type of success would I have as an artist?
Response: [Worked with the Morgan Greer Tarot for this session] Being open to go where one is called to go.  There is fear and maybe embarrassment for being so naked and vulnerable.  But it’s music, passion, and fire — in a spiritual way, that is one’s destiny and will take one out of darkness. [I put a note saying:  About my career future?  And so it was…]

Analysis: This card can represent your past, present, and future life existing simultaneously. My response confirms that if I become an artist and do so in a spiritual way, I will be fulfilling my destiny and in and of itself that is success. So I’ll ask next about financial success because I wasn’t so clear here and being cash-poor is not where I want to be now or in the future.

Having a Capricorn rising causes me not include others in my failures.  I want to be seen in a good light but over the years I have learned to expose myself and not feel  embarrassed like I did in the past.

I feel I AM in the dark, working with the occult in a public way.  Not that tarot and occult practice is dark but many people who practice it or want to practice it are! Jealousy, competitiveness, destructiveness, mental poor health, and brokenness… I can see how working with art, music even, in a spiritual way (not through traditional big labels) is a way to the light — to the bright soul and to brighten souls.

What surrounds you, makes you.

Art has touched me throughout my whole life, since I was a child.  I’m a three life path and threes like to express, communicate, and play. I have always been an art appreciator but never took my own art seriously.  Maybe, now it’s time.

Judgement is named The Aeon in the Thoth deck. It’s one of my favourite Thoth cards and it’s why it comes to mind now. There seems to be disputes as to what astrologically rules this tarot card . Here are some thoughts: 1. Ruled by Ether (the 5th element) and is an Interplanetary card. 2. Ruled by Pluto which is a transpersonal planet. 3. Ruled by Fire and Pluto rules Scorpio is is co-ruled by Mars, a fire planet, and 4. Ruled by Fire, Jupiter & Saturn in Aquarius.  To me, all these thoughts have merit!

More Astrology

With Pluto being a ruler, Judgement speaks to listening to your highest self (the universe, God, angels, etc.) to usher in transformation and bold change that completely leaves the old for a refreshing new.

And we are experiencing Jupiter 90° Saturn right now.  Tension between a higher spiritual self vs. duty and what is expected from us by society. Expanding is causing growing pains.

My SR for 2011/2012 will have Jupiter sextile Saturn and Jupiter will conjunct Saturn, by transit during this time.  I have Jupiter semi-sextile Saturn natally which manifests an on and off attributes of Jupiter sextile Saturn. Saturn will also transit my progressed Jupiter in 2012.

Advice, Action, or Suggestion: Talk to my partner and see what he thinks and feels.  Look at educational programs that combine art & spirituality. Ask another question about financial opportunities in the art world. As I write this, I feel fear and nervousness but that’s probably a  good thing.  As I have said, I have many projects to complete and I hope to.  But once done, time to move on…

What others say:

TarotSeek isn’t about looking up or memorizing meanings or even going by your own developed meanings.  But once you have answered your own question (Response), by all means look up meanings when you feel stuck in the analysis stage. And lately I have been feeling stuck. However, with TarotSeek you have a running start as to what the situation is as it’s an objective read and can give a substantial boost in what the card might mean for your particular situation when looking at your own or other people’s tarot card meanings.

Neognostica | | About Aeon |

Misc: The Book of the Law |

Note: Your response may not make any sense at first glance and the first thoughts might not be deep or on-point as the rest. This is because we may say what we ‘think’ we should say rather than what is truly there. It’s in the analysis that you will find your clear answer but what you can be clear about is an objective reading. This is why TarotSeek is packaged with a forum where you can ask other readers what’s their take on a response and how they would analyze it.

Questions 2-4 are not included in this sample.

What’s next?

This tarot challenge lasts for 30 days. It ends on September 30, 2011 (during the sign of Libra). Consider doing a blog about your TarotSeek sessions and let me know. Join the forum to get help analyzing your responses or advice on what to do next. Comment here with your results. Do try, my Virgo pleads with you, to use this format for sharing. (Though I wonder: Will anyone else do this other than myself?) It’s nice and neat and makes it easy to connect with what you are doing. And use one of the Challenge Journals to help you explore your responses.

Purchase the guide. If you need a coupon (can’t afford buying this guide at the current price), ask. It’s also cheaper and Smashwords and I’ll be selling it on my website soon for even less. If you get a coupon do appreciate and reciprocate by sharing the joy of TarotSeek, writing a review if you like it, and encouraging people who express a desire to self-read to pick up their own copy. Namaste.

Looking for traditional tarot card meanings? Check this out.

I’ll post one of my questions a day. Please come back, read, comment, share…

Are you doing a blog for your 120 in 30 challenge?  Feel free to let me in on your TarotSeek experience…

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