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Question format for sharing TarotSeek sessions

[date] – [card name]
Question: [what was your question?]
Response: [what did you say about the card you got?]
Analysis: [what does this mean to you once you saw what you were answering?]
Advice, Action, or Suggestion: [what is the outcome?]

The last three questions are posted in the .pdf which I’m saving along with my session papers. I have wrote far more in answering the Analysis and Advice questions because I’m doing it in a journal rather than on the pieces of paper. I would probably write a lot less on paper. And that’s probably why I like the audio recording sessions best.

September 5, 2011

Question 1 of 4


Two of Wands

Question: What is JB’s problem?
Response: [Worked with the Morgan Greer Tarot for this session] There are two forces against each other.  The one with the greatest insight is not being open to the one who is seen as the charlatan or creative spin doctor.  This person is perceived as cutting off their nose to spite their face.  The one with the greatest insight pushes against made up things.  They want to stop the other and send a clear message of beauty and strength. [Again, I put a note saying: About JB? And so it was… And you will find that happens from time-to-time.]

Analysis:This is not surprising but tarot and TarotSeek are remarkable in its uncanny results and ability to get to the heart of a matter.

I’m at a loss as to who has the greatest insight; JB or the other?  And who represents JB?  This could use another card asking a question to clarify who is who but then I think:  Does it really matter?

What I have discerned about this issue is that there is a mirror or projection happening on both sides. It could be that JB feels they are the most insightful and the other better toe-the-line with their wicked and lost ways.  That JB feels the other is the spin doctor, when in fact it very well could be JB that is.  That’s the insidiousness of unconscious projection.  It’s one thing to think that about the other but to take it as truth, without solid and honest self-reflection, is not helpful to anyone. In this case, cognitive dissonance could be affecting JB as they push away from the possibility that everything they say is actually a reflection of their own behaviour, attitude, actions, and being because to face a possible truth otherwise causes too much tension.

Astrologically, this card is ruled by Mars in Aries (first decan). Mars is action, often aggressive.  And Aries is at-home in this planet/sign placement.  It shows the desire to win and be #1, to not let another in or have a say.  It’s a pushing out and it’s not always mature, especially in the first decan of pushing out what one births. And it wants to crush anything that is in their way.  And often in a reckless way. With this knowledge, the Thoth deck’s imagery portrays a battle of wills but also of intense energy being focused on the Sun (ruled by Leo) which rules personal will — the motto of Leo being I Will.

Advice, Action, or Suggestion: 

We can say that each participant has met their match for good or evil  in one way or another and perhaps there’s even a twin or karmic element. So who is the huckster? Does it really matter?  Someone needs to back down and it’s often the one with the less will to destroy. Who will that be?  The one with the greatest insights or the one who is the spin doctor?  I’m betting on the one with the greatest insights for they know that battling it out with someone who is not clear on their mirror projections, is a losing battle. And they know spiritually that beating-down another beats themselves down too.  It’s not their game.

Sometimes it’s just best to drop it and let someone else have the win. Or that the winner is actually the loser.  There very well could be a silver lining in doing so…

Being Erica – Gettin’ Wiggy Wit’ It, Season 3 Episode 9

What others say about this card:

TarotSeek isn’t about looking up or memorizing meanings or even going by your own developed meanings. But once you have answered your own question (Response), by all means look up meanings when you feel stuck in the analysis stage. And lately I have been feeling stuck. However, with TarotSeek you have a running start as to what the situation is as it’s an objective read and can give a substantial boost in what the card might mean for your particular situation when looking at your own or other people’s tarot card meanings.

Cheryl Bradley | Angel Paths | Tryskelion

A word on “oppositions” and “projections” (mirrors)…

I have often felt that we live in a world where the rules are set in opposition. The wrong thing becomes the right thing and the right thing is the wrong thing. The good thing is not always the right thing and the right thing is not always the good thing. It becomes easy to hold contradictory thoughts and opinions about the same subject. Sometimes this is merely the perspective from which we are thinking and relates to our involvement in the issue at hand. In some situations we are subjectively involved and in others our stance is objective. Indeed even the world we live in is a harmonization of opposites. We may think in terms of up/down, over/under, inside/outside, north/south, east/west, right/left, in/out, bottom/top. Those are our linear perceptions but we live on a curved sphere and our linear concepts are really just illusory – our senses trying to give us a concept of where we are in time and space. We end up feeling like we are defying gravity. ~ Cheryl Bradley

And opposition, in astrology is like a mirror image.  An opposition acts as a projection onto the opposite side.  An opposition is really the same thing going at that thing in different ways.

And Ms. Bradley shares this with us:

From New Seeds of Contemplation by Thomas Merton,
New Directions Publishing Company, New York, NY, 1972. Pages 118-119.

Cognitive dissonance is the feeling of uncomfortable tension which comes from holding two conflicting thoughts in the mind at the same time. This tension will increase depending on how important the issue is to us, the intensity of the conflicted feelings and our ability to rationalize the conflict away. These feelings are strongest when it comes to matters of self-image. Sometimes this conflict is a matter of velleities – the power to choose between contraries and lacking a strong volition or preference either way. Velleities are our soul trying to speak to us without words and trying to cope with the slightest movement of the will – we seem to observe what is present around us, not what is absent.

Note: Your responses may not make any sense at first glance and the first thoughts might not be deep or on-point as the rest. This is because we may say what we ‘think’ we should say rather than what is truly there. It’s in the analysis that you will find your clear answer but what you will always get is an objective reading since it’s a blind read. This is why TarotSeek is packaged with a forum where you can ask other readers what’s their take on a response and how they would analyze it. And you can always use what you know and other tarot resources to complete your tarot reading.

Questions 2-4 are not included in this sample.

What’s next?

This tarot challenge lasts for 30 days. It ends on September 30, 2011 (during the sign of Libra). Consider doing a blog about your TarotSeek sessions and let me know. Join the forum to get help analyzing your responses or advice on what to do next. Comment here with your results. Do try, my Virgo pleads with you, to use this format for sharing. (Though I wonder: Will anyone else do this other than myself?) It’s nice and neat and makes it easy to connect with what you are doing. And use one of the Challenge Journals to help you explore your responses.

Purchase the guide. If you need a coupon (can’t afford buying this guide at the current price), ask. It’s also cheaper and Smashwords and I’ll be selling it on my website soon for even less. If you get a coupon do appreciate and reciprocate by sharing the joy of TarotSeek, writing a review if you like it, and encouraging people who express a desire to self-read to pick up their own copy. Namaste.

Looking for traditional tarot card meanings? Check this out.

I’ll post one of my questions a day. Please come back, read, comment, share…
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