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Refer to this page for more details and a full TarotSeek session sample for the 120 in 30 challenge.

Question format for sharing TarotSeek sessions

[date] – [card name]
Question: [what was your question?]
Response: [what did you say about the card you got?]
Analysis: [what does this mean to you once you saw what you were answering?]
Advice, Action, or Suggestion: [what is the outcome?]

The last three questions are posted in the .pdf which I’m saving along with my session papers. I have wrote far more in answering the Analysis and Advice questions because I’m doing it in a journal rather than on the pieces of paper. I would probably write a lot less on paper. And that’s probably why I like the audio recording sessions best.

September 7, 2011

Question 1 of 4

Four of Swords

Question: How am I perceived by other tarot readers?
Response: [Worked with the Revelations Tarot for this session, card was upright] In a coma / healing / going within / serenity / covering up in contentment / asleep to heal emotions / taking time out / meditation, meditative / protected & feeling cool but not cold / a perfect temperature / a perfect balance.

Analysis: Advice, Action, or Suggestion: Since I didn’t put a time frame, scenario, or indicate which group of tarot readers, my response reflects tarot readers ‘in general’.  In general, I imagine I’m seen as communing with God, a higher power, or what-have-you until I’m ready to wake up to the world after refreshing my spirit.  Or I can be seen as someone who desires peace, harmony, introspection, and solitude with the desire to teach and communicate what I know as I am doing in this blog.

All-in-all I’m happy with this general perception as it’s my goal to be in this way. So suggestion to myself is:  Keep doing what I’m doing and do more of it.

Astrology:  4 of Swords is ruled by Jupiter in Libra.  Jupiter is a lucky planet.  It rules philosophy, religion, spirituality, education, publishing, law, culture, and travel. Numerology: 4 is the number of structure, containment, organization, planning, teaching, designing, etc..

Questions 2-4 are not included in this sample.

What’s next?

This tarot challenge lasts for 30 days. It ends on September 30, 2011 (during the sign of Libra). Consider doing a blog about your TarotSeek sessions and let me know. Join the forum to get help analyzing your responses or advice on what to do next. Comment here with your results. Do try, my Virgo pleads with you, to use this format for sharing. (Though I wonder: Will anyone else do this other than myself?) It’s nice and neat and makes it easy to connect with what you are doing. And use one of the Challenge Journals to help you explore your responses.

Purchase the guide. If you need a coupon (can’t afford buying this guide at the current price), ask. It’s also cheaper and Smashwords and I’ll be selling it on my website soon for even less. If you get a coupon do appreciate and reciprocate by sharing the joy of TarotSeek, writing a review if you like it, and encouraging people who express a desire to self-read to pick up their own copy. Namaste.

Looking for traditional tarot card meanings? Check this out.

I’ll post one of my questions a day. Please come back, read, comment, share…
Are you doing a blog for your 120 in 30 challenge? Feel free to let me in on your TarotSeek experience…

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