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TarotSeekâ„¢ Learn How to Read Tarot Cards for Yourself, Volume 1


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Until now, you couldn’t be objective when doing your own tarot readings.

A lot of tarot readers, new to reading as well as professionals, have a really hard time being objective about their own lives when giving themselves a tarot reading. Many come close to reading for themselves but can you ever be too sure if you are being truly objective? Isn’t it easy to read your fears and wishes into the cards?

Until now, you couldn’t be objective when doing your own tarot readings.

What many tarot readers have been doing is hoping their readings are objective in doing their best in being detached from the subject matter. But is that really what you want? To not put any emotional intuition into your readings? We say that being feelings oriented IS important to a solid and deep self tarot reading and we have the answer for you.

If you could learn to read objectively for yourself, would you?

Would you want a guide that

  • is simple and teaches you the bare essentials of tarot?
  • shows you how to get objective & unbiased self-tarot readings?
  • requires no memorization of cards or layouts?
  • gets you reading the cards for yourself immediately and accurately?
  • has straightforward step-by-step and useful instructions that doesn’t leave you puzzled?
  • inspires new thought, unrelated to the guide?
  • extends your experience with the material by offering on-line support, coaching, and feedback?

If that’s the kind of tarot guide you have been looking for…

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Anytime, anywhere, for anyone

You know the feeling. You’ve probably had a few of these moments in your life. You’ve had times when you felt desperate, emotionally in crisis, and no one to turn to. By reading through the TarotSeek guide and practicing the step-by-step instructions, you’ll be on your way to accessing deeply meaningful insights whenever you need it. All the time. Every day. Starting right now. Get the tool that brings back calm. Be in-the-know and anxiety-free.

You have a choice.

You can either keep doing what doesn’t work or find out what does!

Invest in your emotional and mental well-being by:

  • Giving yourself objective self tarot readings.
  • Gaining feedback from other TarotSeek readers.
  • Exploring complex issues at your own pace.
  • Taking action and finally putting to rest old issues.

Practical & Fast

The last thing you need is one more tarot book that takes forever to get through, is overwhelming (frankly, I would rather be underwhelmed than overwhelmed), and eventually gets shelved without it really having any practical effect on you. That’s why TarotSeekâ„¢: Read Tarot Cards for Yourself has been designed as an easy-to-read succinct guide with over 13,000 witchy words to get you up and reading in as little time as possible. You don’t need a tarot reader or our personal assistance to be able to understand the secret to self-tarot reading. This guide has been set up to answer all your questions and take you through an objective self-tarot reading step-by-step.

Dion Fortune, a British occultist and author, once said : “It is well known that no seer can skry for himself in any matter in which he himself is intimately concerned.” This is no longer true!

Tarot cards, gazing over the pictures, is an act of skrying and after reading this guide, you’re likely to say, “With TarotSeek, every tarot reader (seer) can read (skry) for him or herself in any matter that they are close to and with great success!!”.

Happy taroting,

Psychic Jucy and Ryan Arthur

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. . .This Guide Delivers On Its Promise!

The TarotSeek method delivers it’s promise to be a unique, new way of reading the cards for yourself. I’m looking forward to playing around with this technique and seeing how it can expand my style and knowledge of both myself and the cards. :-) — Jaymi

TarotSeekâ„¢ is so much fun. This method is simple, and can be used for “spur of moment” readings. So many people will benefit and learn to begin to trust their innate connection to universal wisdom. — Ken Lusk

TarotSeek is a really easy method for reading tarot cards. Many people are overwhelmed with learning the meanings of all 78 cards, and if you read reversals that number automatically doubles. However, with TarotSeek you don’t need to know the meanings of the cards at all. In fact, I used this method with a brand new deck I just acquired, The Steele Wizard Tarot, and I hadn’t read the artist’s book about her deck and only looked through a few of the cards before using the deck for a reading. I employed the TarotSeek method, which focuses on the image on the cards, then I examined the cards I had received in my reading, used this method and wow, I had a very clear and insightful reading with a brand new deck of cards I had never used before. I’m a professional reader with over 30 years of experience and TarotSeek even taught me a couple of new tricks that are now making my readings for clients flow faster and smoother, plus it cuts down on my work, as well. I highly recommend TarotSeek & only wish I had it when I used to teach tarot classes out of my home. My students would have really benefited from this method. — Dr. Mary E. Gutierrez

Upon the first reading of the book you may find TarotSeek method to be too simple. But “Genius is in simplicity” they say. Along with the authors, I encourage you to try TarotSeeking for at least a week prior to making up your mind about it. As for me, from the very first TarotSeek session I enjoyed this new variation of getting a deep and intuitive insight and added it to the top drawer of my collection of the most often used Tarot techniques. — Victoria Evangelina Belyavskaya

A review: TarotSeek provides a lengthy section on how to formulate questions for a variety of topics and then includes examples of questions under each topic heading. I wish EVERY tarot book would do this as a matter of course. I have to often email clients once they’ve ordered to help them to revise their questions in such a way so the tarot can address them properly and accurately. Professional readers should read TarotSeek so they can see just how easy it is to formulate really good and specific questions that will help the tarot to get to the heart of the matter under question instead of providing vague or difficult to follow answers. — Read FULL review of TarotSeek from Nefer Khepri of Magickal Musings — Nefer Khepri is a professional Tarot Reader.

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