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Until now, you couldn’t be objective when doing your own tarot readings.

A lot of tarot readers, new to reading as well as professionals, have a really hard time being objective about their own lives when giving themselves a tarot reading. Many come close to reading for themselves but can you ever be too sure if you are being truly objective? Isn’t it easy to read your fears and wishes into the cards?

Until now, you couldn’t be objective when doing your own tarot readings.

What many tarot readers have been doing is hoping their readings are objective in doing their best in being detached from the subject matter. But is that really what you want? To not put any emotional intuition into your readings? We say that being feelings oriented IS important to a solid and deep self tarot reading and we have the answer for you.

If you could learn to read objectively for yourself, would you?

Would you want a guide that

  • is simple and teaches you the bare essentials of tarot?
  • shows you how to get objective & unbiased self-tarot readings?
  • requires no memorization of cards or layouts?
  • gets you reading the cards for yourself immediately and accurately?
  • has straightforward step-by-step and useful instructions that doesn’t leave you puzzled?
  • inspires new thought, unrelated to the guide?
  • extends your experience with the material by offering on-line support, coaching, and feedback?

If that’s the kind of tarot guide you have been looking for…

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Anytime, anywhere, for anyone

You know the feeling. You’ve probably had a few of these moments in your life. You’ve had times when you felt desperate, emotionally in crisis, and no one to turn to. By reading through the TarotSeek guide and practicing the step-by-step instructions, you’ll be on your way to accessing deeply meaningful insights whenever you need it. All the time. Every day. Starting right now. Get the tool that brings back calm. Be in-the-know and anxiety-free.

You have a choice.

You can either keep doing what doesn’t work or find out what does!

Invest in your emotional and mental well-being by:

  • Giving yourself objective self tarot readings.
  • Gaining feedback from other TarotSeek readers.
  • Exploring complex issues at your own pace.
  • Taking action and finally putting to rest old issues.

Practical & Fast

The last thing you need is one more tarot book that takes forever to get through, is overwhelming (frankly, I would rather be underwhelmed than overwhelmed), and eventually gets shelved without it really having any practical effect on you. That’s why TarotSeek™: Read Tarot Cards for Yourself has been designed as an easy-to-read succinct guide with over 13,000 witchy words to get you up and reading in as little time as possible. You don’t need a tarot reader or our personal assistance to be able to understand the secret to self-tarot reading. This guide has been set up to answer all your questions and take you through an objective self-tarot reading step-by-step.

Dion Fortune, a British occultist and author, once said : “It is well known that no seer can skry for himself in any matter in which he himself is intimately concerned.” This is no longer true!

Tarot cards, gazing over the pictures, is an act of skrying and after reading this guide, you’re likely to say, “With TarotSeek, every tarot reader (seer) can read (skry) for him or herself in any matter that they are close to and with great success!!”.

Happy taroting,

Psychic Jucy and Ryan Arthur

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. . .This Guide Delivers On Its Promise!

The TarotSeek method delivers it’s promise to be a unique, new way of reading the cards for yourself. I’m looking forward to playing around with this technique and seeing how it can expand my style and knowledge of both myself and the cards. :-) — Jaymi

TarotSeek™ is so much fun. This method is simple, and can be used for “spur of moment” readings. So many people will benefit and learn to begin to trust their innate connection to universal wisdom. — Ken Lusk

TarotSeek is a really easy method for reading tarot cards. Many people are overwhelmed with learning the meanings of all 78 cards, and if you read reversals that number automatically doubles. However, with TarotSeek you don’t need to know the meanings of the cards at all. In fact, I used this method with a brand new deck I just acquired, The Steele Wizard Tarot, and I hadn’t read the artist’s book about her deck and only looked through a few of the cards before using the deck for a reading. I employed the TarotSeek method, which focuses on the image on the cards, then I examined the cards I had received in my reading, used this method and wow, I had a very clear and insightful reading with a brand new deck of cards I had never used before. I’m a professional reader with over 30 years of experience and TarotSeek even taught me a couple of new tricks that are now making my readings for clients flow faster and smoother, plus it cuts down on my work, as well. I highly recommend TarotSeek & only wish I had it when I used to teach tarot classes out of my home. My students would have really benefited from this method. — Dr. Mary E. Gutierrez

Upon the first reading of the book you may find TarotSeek method to be too simple. But “Genius is in simplicity” they say. Along with the authors, I encourage you to try TarotSeeking for at least a week prior to making up your mind about it. As for me, from the very first TarotSeek session I enjoyed this new variation of getting a deep and intuitive insight and added it to the top drawer of my collection of the most often used Tarot techniques. — Victoria Evangelina Belyavskaya

A review: TarotSeek provides a lengthy section on how to formulate questions for a variety of topics and then includes examples of questions under each topic heading. I wish EVERY tarot book would do this as a matter of course. I have to often email clients once they’ve ordered to help them to revise their questions in such a way so the tarot can address them properly and accurately. Professional readers should read TarotSeek so they can see just how easy it is to formulate really good and specific questions that will help the tarot to get to the heart of the matter under question instead of providing vague or difficult to follow answers. — Read FULL review of TarotSeek from Nefer Khepri of Magickal Musings — Nefer Khepri is a professional Tarot Reader.

My ebook Psychic Jucy’s TarotSeek: Learn How To Read Tarot Cards For Yourself is about giving a reader a method of reading that will give instant, accurate, and objective readings without any formal tarot training, memorization, or long-winded reading.

Having said that, if the reader is lacking confidence in their abilities (ie new to reading or doesn’t believe they have the *gift* cough, cough) it can be very hard for them to interpret their ‘answers’ or ‘responses’.

Today, a student mentioned that the Tarot Prompt: Describe the card meant that all the cards would eventually mean the same thing and she wouldn’t get anything new out of it.

I said that’s only one prompt. What about this one: What’s the first thing you see? Is the light in the Hermit’s card the first thing you always see? Or maybe do you see the mountain, walking stick, or beard first? Whatever you see first becomes the ‘anchor’ of your response. It has meaning, and there’s a reason why you see one thing over another first.

Also, after you’ve described the card once or twice, you don’t have to keep doing it for that deck as you’ve already done it. And doing it, connects you with the card’s core meaning.

TarotSeek is a tool for traditional tarot reading, as well as standing on its own as an original method of tarot reading.

What is the tarot community and who are its members?

The tarot community is an eclectic and diverse group of people whom enjoy sharing tarot together. Within that very large group (because it’s everyone who enjoys sharing tarot with others) we protect what we love, including our fellow tarot readers whom we enjoy socializing with and sharing our love of tarot. There’s no ‘cabal’. The tarot community is free to join and the only requirement is that you love to share tarot with others.

To elaborate further…

In its most basic form, a tarot community is a bunch of people sharing their love of tarot with other people. Everyone is welcome if they love sharing tarot with others. There’s no fees to pay, nor membership application, and pretty much anyone is welcome.

Who are not welcome?

The kinds of people not welcome in the tarot community are people who are sharing tarot hate unless its their message of tarot being spread.

That’s tarot for one, lead by one — that’s not a community.

Tarot is for the people, by the people. In the tarot community, no one owns tarot, how it’s done, or the people that use the tarot. You are not part of the tarot community when you want only your words spoken, your way done — when you want to force others to follow your rules, laws, or reason.

So if you do not feel comfortable in the tarot community call a spade a spade — you may want to lead your own community where it’s your words and your way of doing tarot that’s the focus and that others follow.  That’s well and good; however, you’ll want to label it with a fancy name or your name attached to it but don’t call it the tarot community because that wouldn’t be accurate.

Astrologically, community is an 11th house matter.  It is ruled by Uranus / Aquarius. Aquarius is an independent, freedom oriented sign, that highly enjoys casual friendship and camaraderie.  There’s no place for control or domination.  Their world is about self-control, self-discipline, and individuality. And the 5th house is where our hobbies can be found — this is ruled by the Sun / Leo. Leo is warm, creative, playful, protective, child-like, a leader, and self-managing.  We take our personal hobbies to the 11th house to share with others.  We have no desire for others to lead us there though we main gain inspiration. The 5th and 11th houses work in tandem.

And perhaps we might join forces and meet others and conduct activity in other houses such as the 7th (committed partnerships for a project) or the 8th (where we do business).

Please feel free to add your own ideas, insights, comments, and questions…

This e-book contains a deliciously simple and inspired technique for reading tarot. Despite the level of reading skill you feel you have with the cards, this method will work for you. From beginner to advanced, everyone can experience the surprise and wonder of a TarotSeek session.

It is so difficult to do self-readings because of our personal involvement and investment in the outcome. This method creates a veil between reader and question, so that an objective air is created. The reader is able to objectively answer their own questions without bias to the question.

I have to admit, the first TarotSeek reading I did was so profound that it left me shaking because of its accuracy. You can take this method as far as you want, and I can even see some creative writing questions fitting into the method for those who enjoy writing with tarot prompts.

Fun, simple, and anyone can do it. All you need is a deck of cards and a few items that every household has.

Donnaleigh of Beyond Worlds

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Get more insights like this and how to read tarot cards the TarotSeek way: Psychic Jucy’s TarotSeek, Read Tarot Cards for Yourself, Volume 1


Here, I’m doing a TarotSeek session to see what will happen as it relates to World Events. This area is often a challenge for me because I have stronger interests in helping individuals live better and self-informed lives rather than looking at mundane world events; however, it’s an auspicious day to look at so here it goes… 🙂

Question 1 of 4

Ace of Cups / Controlling Restraint

Question: I asked what will happen to the Dow Jones on Friday?

Response: [Worked with the Bright Ideas Tarot for this session, card picture not included] First thing I saw was a lot of angry people. Then I saw security trying to calm people down. Some people look depressed, others dissatisfied yet contemplative on what to do next, yet mostly people were angry. I see a mob walking out on the street.

Analysis: The suggestion here is that the Dow Jones is likely to plummet though I said in my numerology article that it was likely to rise. In this case, it could be that people are angry because they thought it would take a nose dive and it didn’t. It will be interesting to see how things go. 🙂 Either way, I’m right or wrong!? lol

Advice, Action, or Suggestion: Will take a look at the Dow tomorrow. Maybe it takes a hard hit and then gets artificially saved — reminiscent of the Depression era.

Question 2 of 4

6 of Coins, Co-operation

Question: I asked what world news would be released on November 11, 2011

Response: [Worked with the Bright Ideas Tarot for this session, card picture not included] Taurus! Money! The Earth! Working together to build something that is made out of non-lasting substance. Working diligently to use resources of the earth to make something more fantastic.

Analysis: This card is ruled by Taurus. Taurus is about financial stability, growth, the finer things in life, security. The suggestion of this card is that natural resources will be discussed in the news. There is likely talk about money and how the world will work together to grow it; however, it might be artificially grown as mentioned above.

Advice, Action, or Suggestion: Check the news out tomorrow.

Question 3 of 4

3 of Cups / Celebration

Question: What will the financial situation be on November 11, 2011?

Response: [Worked with the Bright Ideas Tarot for this session, card picture not included] Mercury Cancer. Speaking about celebrating, family, getting gifts, togetherness, tribe.

Analysis: I get a sense that Canada and the United States will be working together — that many countries will work together to use each other’s assets to strengthen the world economy. Togetherness is a big theme for this day — communicating working together. So there’s a bit of a celebratory nature to the day.

Advice, Action, or Suggestion: Check the news out tomorrow.

Question 4 of 4

5 Hierophant / Guidance & Passage / Death

Question: Tell me what will happen on November 11, 2011 in the world…

Response: [Worked with the Bright Ideas Tarot for this session, card picture not included] Perhaps there will be a presidential / prime minister address about an economy which needs to transform. Taking one step at a time so the top can be reached. Carrying the weight of the world.

Analysis: Here again, the economy and money comes up. An old way, old tradition needs to end. A new economy, and world financial view is being ushered in.

Advice, Action, or Suggestion: Check the news out tomorrow.


The method used for this reading can be found in

Psychic Jucy’sTarotSeek™ Learn How to Read Tarot Cards for Yourself, Volume 1 – check for sales…

Psychic Jucy aka Abella Arthur, Your TarotSeek Reader

Psychic Jucy’s TarotSeek, Read Tarot Cards For Yourself, Volume 1 is not normally used for readings for other people but it does work and some professional readers can incorporate it into their own regular reading style.  The other thing about TarotSeek is that it trains a reader to analyze and look for clues and insights on-the-spot using the included Tarot Prompts.

The following questions are from different querants or seekers.  I asked if anyone wanted a free reading and these are some of the questions I received below.


This is the first time I’m sharing a TarotSeek audio recording with the general public.  When I do readings this way, I get into the psychic zone or meditative head-space, for the most part. Because I was a little self-conscious here, I can hear my consciousness come through at times and a couple of the questions made me uncomfortable but that’s the hazard of the trade sometimes.

The questions were not read in order.  The questions were responded to in this order:  3, 1, 2, and 4 so you may want to play-back the recordings of this session in that order.  However, I have listed the questions below in numeric order, as labeled.

Question #1

3 of Wands

Question: How is T.R. going to get on with the four courses she’s doing at the minute?

Response: Press the play button  [ti_audio media=”280″ autoresume=”1″]

Analysis: In addition to what I said in the audio… This card also often has to do with entrepreneurship, passion, and interest. One of the courses may be something that T.R. is interested in dropping in lieu for another one or just dropping entirely (if they can’t find something better to replace it) that seems more promising or helpful. T.R. is not completely sure of where these courses are going to take them but what I’m getting is that what they have done so far with the courses has given or will give them a necessary and helpful foundation. These courses are likely related to T.R.’s career interests (as stated in the audio!!). T.R. will gain a sense of contentment and peace in what they are doing very soon.

Advice, Action, or Suggestion: Keep contemplating your next move but know that whatever happens will be for your highest good. Have faith!

Question #2

Ace of Pentacles

Question: If A.C. graduates from their massage therapy course, what type of success can they expect?

Response: Press the play button ► [ti_audio media=”281″ autoresume=”1″]

Analysis: In addition to the audio… Material success is likely yours as well as others considering that you are talented and know what you are doing as a massage therapist.  I sense you are likely to get quite a number of regular and devoted clients. There’s a possibility that this card might be suggesting you work with the school where you are doing your course upon graduation rather than venturing out on your own or with another organization.

Advice, Action, or Suggestion: What decision or further steps do you need to make to gain the type of success sought? (see comment / testimonial / feedback regarding this question / response)

Question #3

5 of Swords

Question: What can E.O. do to keep their baby and live the life they want?

Response: Press the play button ► [ti_audio media=”282″ autoresume=”1″]

Analysis: Towards the end, I got the feeling this was the “baby” question. Normally I wouldn’t do a baby, pregnancy, or health type reading but I re-phrased it (with E.O.’s permission) in a way that I thought would be open-ended and steered clear of me making a decision for her.

But I don’t think I will do this type of reading again (or if I do, the querant must be present), even though it’s answering a question that helps the querant do what they want to do, because it can give reason for the querant to go in another direction if the answer isn’t what they want to hear.  I just didn’t feel comfortable with the reading (and you might sense that towards the end when I’m feeling out of sorts) and I want to feel good in my work as much as I want to help others.

Okay, to begin…

My response can be taken in two different ways: What I have to say can apply to E.O. or someone connected to E.O.  I’ll leave this up to E.O. to interpret and decide.

My response suggests to me some sort of manipulation or winning a mental argument to get the life they want or there is something wrong with the question.  It may not be exactly truthful.  In tarot or TarotSeek, the question is just as important as the reading.  E.O. might feel that she has to play games to get the life she wants or that others are playing games with her and detracting her from a beautiful life. But either way, this manipulation or plan is likely to back-fire. E.O. might think she needs a certain amount of money or resources to get to where she wants to go.  

The number five indicates change, loss, conflict, difficulty.  Swords, to me, is related to the mind and mental considerations and I often see the suit of swords as a psychological suit.  So, we have mental change, communicating loss, conflict of mental wills, etc..

Advice, Action, or Suggestion: The suggestion given is to leave the past in the past.  Don’t go back there to try to change things around to your favour. Look towards the future, a new future.  Perhaps the suggestion here is to not care what someone else wants or that you will disregard what someone else wants. There will be no real winners here even though one might think they have won.  In fact, I see it’s only a temporary win.

UPDATE: The querant has just advised me that they are no longer pregnant!  I was advised this on the day of the reading (after I had read) so it might be a reason why I was feeling uncomfortable and that the question was faulty in some way.

More on answering baby questions. I don’t think it’s just the decision element.  The possibility I could be making such a serious decision for the seeker without knowing I am.  I think it’s the nature of health / body questions, in general.  There’s often something already determined about it.  Too late.  It’s not really asking about the future when someone asks about a baby.  They usually are or think they are pregnant.  And I think the BIGGEST thing is that it’s a life and death type question where the outcome and actions taken will likely to be lasting and deep.  I think that’s what gets me uncomfortable. Also, where the results could lead and meander into (upon further reflection with the seeker) could become a legal matter. It’s just really dicey territory.

Question #4

The Moon

Question: What will the outcome be if C.G. redirects their career in a new direction?

Response: Press the play button ► [ti_audio media=”283″ autoresume=”1″]

Analysis: I was a little uneasy answering this question. C.G. may have a sense of confusion or illusion or just a dream (with no realistic career plan) around this new direction OR that the new career direction is one that is Neptunian — psychic, magical, or artistic — maybe even something to do with healing or long-term health care / drugs.  I was just so fixated on the astrology of this card at the get-go. There’s a possibility that someone in C.G.s life (a Mother figure?) is not in agreement or supportive with a career change and is giving her a hard time. C.G. will know how things will go with her redirection in the next 30 days or so.  I get a sense that C.G. wants to do something that is an extreme departure than what she has done in the past and that is not traditional.

Advice, Action, or Suggestion: Be clear on your new direction.  Know what is ahead of you. Who your detractors will be and how you will overcome them. The outcome depends solely on whether you are able to ride this new career direction on your own (independent of anyone else’s support) and that you get clear on what your true opportunities will be in the end, rather than what you dream of what you want to have happen.  Look up the planet Neptune and the sign, Pisces to gain a deeper understanding of the outcome of your question.

NOTES: It’s better to use TarotSeek: Volume 1 (read for yourself) techniques on yourself as you can elaborate on what the responses mean.  If I haven’t provided enough detail here for you, gaze upon the card to gain further insights, or look up this card on the Internet for further clues and relate it back to the question.  Most importantly, know that what I said was objective as I didn’t know the question being answered.

You may also find it useful to read or re-read the paper only TarotSeek technique to get further advice on how to perform stellar TarotSeek readings.

If you like what you heard or read, purchase the TarotSeek book and start using this method straight away, let your friends and/or family know about this objective self-tarot reading technique; tweet, like or share; follow TarotSeek on twitter and like the Facebook book page; or get a TarotSeek / Coaching session. 🙂 And leave a comment or testimonial, especially if this was your question that I answered.

Refer to this page for more details and a full TarotSeek session sample for the 120 in 30 challenge.

Today’s session (done a week or so ago) contains questions that were submitted to me from readers.  These readings are on the scant side and that’s likely because this method is better used for self-readings rather than readings for others (Volume 2).  Also, I won’t be offering much advice, action, or suggestion but rather sharing what I read with the querant and leaving it to them to self-reflect on the meaning of what has been said and the card choosen for their question.

Reader Questions for TarotSeek

1 of 4

Ace of Swords

Question: What will happen in regards to securing a job by October 15th for X?

Response: A pain in the ass / Causing tears / Something coming out of nowhere.

Analysis: It will be a struggle to find work by October 15th.  It will feel very challenging and cause a lot of frustration. But there’s a job opportunity that will come from an unexpected place.

Advice, Action, or Suggestion: I asked another question, as per below to get more insights in helping X find work.




 2 of 4

Page of Pentacles

Question: What can X do to successfully secure a job?

Response: Inspecting what one has /  Being careful and cautious / Orange / Youth / Becoming stronger in what one has /Stronger self-esteem / Moving into the open away from the forrest

Analysis: X can take a look at the skills and resources currently available to them.  Be careful with what they share with others in regards to employment (such as being careful and cautious during interviews). The card also suggests that X may be younger (30 and younger) and that they might not have found their calling yet.  A burgeoning self-confidence and self-esteem is necessary in finding work.  And finally to look for work in a different place, a place where more possibilities and opportunities can exist and possibly with less competition or less available workers.

Advice, Action, or Suggestion: Since these readings are for another, communication of analysis to the querant is all that can be done at this point. However, I will say that if it’s true that X is uncertain of their calling, that they attempt to visit an employment conselor or astrologer to gain better insights in what they might want to pursue for a career or how to go about gaining expertise for that career.


3 of 4


Question: Why is L’s ex attacking her?

Response: Work / Institutions / Being taught and told what to do / Blue / Feeling beat up? / Grey buildings / Pillars of society / Keys to success / Get wise counsel about social needs and roles.

Analysis: Both cards (this one and the one below) picked for L are marriage related cards. L’s ex feels depressed and unhappy.  They likely took the sanctity of their marriage seriously and did not want to break-up.  They are either being pushed to act this way with L. or they feel L. is demanding they do something and how to do it an they don’t like it.

Advice, Action, or Suggestion:  Since these readings are for another, communication of analysis to the querant is all that can be done at this point.


 4 of 4

3 of Cups

Question: What can L. do to alleviate the problem of her ex psychically attacking her?

Response: Celebrating / Yes, we did it / I’m proud of you & I / Here’s to us and all the hard work we did / Celebrating success / October!

Analysis: L. can focus on the good times in their relationship and raise the self-esteem of their ex in the hard work they did together.  Focus on celebrating the good times and doing away with the bad times.  Celebrate on what is achieved rather than what is not.  Stay positive and don’t let negativity enter inside your inner santum. During the month of October (ruled by Libra — partnerships & legal issues & Scorpio — occult practice / investigative powers) more insight and help will be available.

Advice, Action, or Suggestion: Since these readings are for another, communication of analysis to the querant is all that can be done at this point.

Note: Your responses may not make any sense at first glance and the first thoughts might not be deep or on-point as the rest. This is because we may say what we ‘think’ we should say rather than what is truly there. It’s in the analysis that you will find your clear answer but what you will always get is an objective reading since it’s a blind read. This is why TarotSeek is packaged with a forum where you can ask other readers what’s their take on a response and how they would analyze it. And you can always use what you know and other tarot resources to complete your tarot reading.

My Experiences with the 120 in 30 TarotSeek challenge

Well, 120 in 30 is almost up and I certainly haven’t done 120 questions.  I had a good start but life gets in the way. Instead of trying to catch up much further, I’m going to finish up reader questions (as per above and next session), do an audio version of TarotSeek, and start a new challenge.  This time it will be 21 in 4.  Twenty-one questions in four weeks.  So that would be one session a week.  I think I can manage that one and hope you can too. 😀 And maybe one day, when life is a little less busy, I’ll try the ‘session a day’ challenge again.

What’s next?

This tarot challenge is coming to an end for me and it officially ends on September 30, 2011.

I’ll be starting a new one in October which will be one session a week for 4 weeks. 🙂

Consider doing a blog about your TarotSeek sessions and let me know. Join the forum to get help analyzing your responses or advice on what to do next. Comment here with your results. Do use this format for sharing. It’s nice and neat and makes it easy to connect with what you are doing. And use one of the Challenge Journals (will be adding the 21 in 4 challenge journal) to help you explore your responses.

Purchase the guide. If you need a coupon (can’t afford buying this guide at the current price), ask. It’s also cheaper at Smashwords and I’ll be selling it for 50% off on my website for the October challenge. If you get a coupon do appreciate and reciprocate by sharing the joy of TarotSeek, writing a review if you like it, and encouraging people who express a desire to self-read to pick up their own copy. Namaste.

Looking for traditional tarot card meanings? Check this out.

If you are doing a TarotSeek challenge, feel free to let me in on your TarotSeek experience… I can be found on twitter, facebook, and here.

Intuition is a combination of historical (empirical) data, deep and heightened observation and an ability to cut through the thickness of surface reality. Intuition is like a slow motion machine that captures data instantaneously and hits you like a ton of bricks. Intuition is a knowing, a sensing that is beyond the conscious understanding — a gut feeling. Intuition is not pseudo-science.
– Abella Arthur

Intuition is a left and right brained phenomena.

When reading, the best tarot readers use left and right brain functions simultaneously while switching back and forth as needed.  I believe this is one reason why tarot is hard to learn.

The reader is required to use their left brain functions (Mercury, Gemini, Virgo) to judge what they see, making conclusions instantaneously while viewing the imagery abstractly which puts them into the zone of skrying in a Neptunian, Piscean, psychic, right brained fashion.  Then after they have done that, they combine and synthesize all that intuitive data and communicate it in a Saturnian, worldy way that is accessible.

Sounds tough?  It is.

Impossible to learn how to read tarot?  No.

It looks like this: Mercury (left brain, facts, figures, analysis) + Neptune (right brain, feelings, psychic, inspirations).
Mercury squares Neptune and that causes tension and challenge. But it’s something that can be overcome.  A square can be turned into a trine. Also, many Tarot Readers have the Me 90° Ne aspect; however, it can also cause them tension (especially in their private lives). I have Mercury (in the 8th) BiNovile Neptune (in the 10th).

It takes exercising both your left and right brain in an almost equal (if not equal) fashion to read tarot with ease. And TarotSeek helps connect left and right brain skills.

That’s why I recommend books on developing intuition and interpreting symbols when working with TarotSeek rather than reading another tarot book.

Do you have a Mercury-Neptune contact? If you are not sure how to figure that out, I would be happy to give you that information.

Purchase a copy of TarotSeek and begin your own 120 in 30 or 21 in 4 TarotSeek challenge today! I recommend getting your copy at SmashWords. It supports ALL ereaders, even Kindle (.mobi) and you’ll save some money.

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