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Refer to this page for more details and a full TarotSeek session sample for the 120 in 30 challenge.

Today’s session (done a week or so ago) contains questions that were submitted to me from readers.  These readings are on the scant side and that’s likely because this method is better used for self-readings rather than readings for others (Volume 2).  Also, I won’t be offering much advice, action, or suggestion but rather sharing what I read with the querant and leaving it to them to self-reflect on the meaning of what has been said and the card choosen for their question.

Reader Questions for TarotSeek

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Ace of Swords

Question: What will happen in regards to securing a job by October 15th for X?

Response: A pain in the ass / Causing tears / Something coming out of nowhere.

Analysis: It will be a struggle to find work by October 15th.  It will feel very challenging and cause a lot of frustration. But there’s a job opportunity that will come from an unexpected place.

Advice, Action, or Suggestion: I asked another question, as per below to get more insights in helping X find work.




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Page of Pentacles

Question: What can X do to successfully secure a job?

Response: Inspecting what one has /  Being careful and cautious / Orange / Youth / Becoming stronger in what one has /Stronger self-esteem / Moving into the open away from the forrest

Analysis: X can take a look at the skills and resources currently available to them.  Be careful with what they share with others in regards to employment (such as being careful and cautious during interviews). The card also suggests that X may be younger (30 and younger) and that they might not have found their calling yet.  A burgeoning self-confidence and self-esteem is necessary in finding work.  And finally to look for work in a different place, a place where more possibilities and opportunities can exist and possibly with less competition or less available workers.

Advice, Action, or Suggestion: Since these readings are for another, communication of analysis to the querant is all that can be done at this point. However, I will say that if it’s true that X is uncertain of their calling, that they attempt to visit an employment conselor or astrologer to gain better insights in what they might want to pursue for a career or how to go about gaining expertise for that career.


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Question: Why is L’s ex attacking her?

Response: Work / Institutions / Being taught and told what to do / Blue / Feeling beat up? / Grey buildings / Pillars of society / Keys to success / Get wise counsel about social needs and roles.

Analysis: Both cards (this one and the one below) picked for L are marriage related cards. L’s ex feels depressed and unhappy.  They likely took the sanctity of their marriage seriously and did not want to break-up.  They are either being pushed to act this way with L. or they feel L. is demanding they do something and how to do it an they don’t like it.

Advice, Action, or Suggestion:  Since these readings are for another, communication of analysis to the querant is all that can be done at this point.


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3 of Cups

Question: What can L. do to alleviate the problem of her ex psychically attacking her?

Response: Celebrating / Yes, we did it / I’m proud of you & I / Here’s to us and all the hard work we did / Celebrating success / October!

Analysis: L. can focus on the good times in their relationship and raise the self-esteem of their ex in the hard work they did together.  Focus on celebrating the good times and doing away with the bad times.  Celebrate on what is achieved rather than what is not.  Stay positive and don’t let negativity enter inside your inner santum. During the month of October (ruled by Libra — partnerships & legal issues & Scorpio — occult practice / investigative powers) more insight and help will be available.

Advice, Action, or Suggestion: Since these readings are for another, communication of analysis to the querant is all that can be done at this point.

Note: Your responses may not make any sense at first glance and the first thoughts might not be deep or on-point as the rest. This is because we may say what we ‘think’ we should say rather than what is truly there. It’s in the analysis that you will find your clear answer but what you will always get is an objective reading since it’s a blind read. This is why TarotSeek is packaged with a forum where you can ask other readers what’s their take on a response and how they would analyze it. And you can always use what you know and other tarot resources to complete your tarot reading.

My Experiences with the 120 in 30 TarotSeek challenge

Well, 120 in 30 is almost up and I certainly haven’t done 120 questions.  I had a good start but life gets in the way. Instead of trying to catch up much further, I’m going to finish up reader questions (as per above and next session), do an audio version of TarotSeek, and start a new challenge.  This time it will be 21 in 4.  Twenty-one questions in four weeks.  So that would be one session a week.  I think I can manage that one and hope you can too. 😀 And maybe one day, when life is a little less busy, I’ll try the ‘session a day’ challenge again.

What’s next?

This tarot challenge is coming to an end for me and it officially ends on September 30, 2011.

I’ll be starting a new one in October which will be one session a week for 4 weeks. 🙂

Consider doing a blog about your TarotSeek sessions and let me know. Join the forum to get help analyzing your responses or advice on what to do next. Comment here with your results. Do use this format for sharing. It’s nice and neat and makes it easy to connect with what you are doing. And use one of the Challenge Journals (will be adding the 21 in 4 challenge journal) to help you explore your responses.

Purchase the guide. If you need a coupon (can’t afford buying this guide at the current price), ask. It’s also cheaper at Smashwords and I’ll be selling it for 50% off on my website for the October challenge. If you get a coupon do appreciate and reciprocate by sharing the joy of TarotSeek, writing a review if you like it, and encouraging people who express a desire to self-read to pick up their own copy. Namaste.

Looking for traditional tarot card meanings? Check this out.

If you are doing a TarotSeek challenge, feel free to let me in on your TarotSeek experience… I can be found on twitter, facebook, and here.

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