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We are in the process of formatting the book for e-Book consumption and then we are on to the print version of the book.  Writing, editing, proof reading, making pictures, video, and design of a book has been one of the hardest things I have accomplished in my life.  Who knew? 😉

Tonight I picked up a book I haven’t read yet.  The book just opened up to a spot that is the very focus of our book — objective and unbiased self-tarot reading.  Whoa! It’s interesting that we used similar words to describe a historically challenging aspect of self-tarot reading. This passage is from one of over 400 tarot books in my library:

Can I read Tarot cards for myself? This is a personal matter.  I think the issue of an emotional investment is an even stronger obstacle when attempting to read for oneself.  Dion Fortune agrees: “It is well known that no seer can skry for himself in any matter in which he himself is intimately concerned.”

I find it very difficult to be objective with myself when concerned about a specific situation.  My emotions and wishful thinking get in the way of accepting the answer the Tarot cards give me.  However, a friend of mine, who is an excellent reader, answers questions for herself all the time and always gets accurate insights . Learn The Ancient Art of Tarot — The Easy Way! The 2 – Hour Tarot Tutor — The Fast, Revolutionary Method for Learning to Read Tarot Cards in Two Hours… Without Memorizing Meanings! Wilma Carrol – Page 87

Clearly it’s just been a universal problem. Anyway, we are so excited to share this amazing and radical way of reading tarot cards for the 21st Century! A physically different method that overcomes personal bias!


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